Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Operation Pregnancy Fat Be Gone {Week One}

Weight gain wasn't an issue for me until the last 4 weeks and then when I was admitted to the hospital.  I gained the standard 30 lbs until week 36 hit and then no matter what I did, the pounds kept creeping on up.  Some of it was definitely water weight because the scale would swing 5 lbs day to day, but not all of it was water weight. That was only the beginning though.  Once I was admitted to the hospital and they started pumping me with fluids, I gained significantly more weight.  I never weighed myself to know how much I gained right before giving birth because it wasn't exactly the first thing on my mind.  Frankly, I had no idea that I was gaining so much water weight from the fluids due to induction.  I now know I gained a lot because I weighed 2 lbs more a week after giving birth than I did the day before going into the hospital.  Talk about a total blow to my already extremely emotional and fragile ego.  It was horrible.  I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed and Ryan hugged me and told me I was gorgeous and that I was doing a wonderful job which was what I needed, but I still felt like a soft, flabby, swollen, lard.  Luckily on day 9/10ish I woke up feeling much less swollen and the scale had started moving down!  Over the next couple of days, I lost 15lbs of fluid.  It was such a relief to not feel like a sausage and to be able to wear my wedding rings again! I wear my wedding rings all the time, so not having them on was bothering me. I actually wore a costume ring that I had from a long time ago just so my finger wouldn't feel so naked.  

So, why I am writing this blog post today?  Well, I had my postpartum check-up and I am cleared to workout!!  Hallelujah! My appointment wasn't supposed to be for another week, but I had a stitch that was hanging out for the past week, so I moved my appointment up and got the two thumbs up to resume "normal activity"!!  I am so excited to do some of my workout videos and to take advantage of any nice days in the coming weeks.  Working out with boobs full of milk will be an interesting experience though.   I must invest in a good quality sports bra to hold these puppies in place. Any pointers from fellow moms in this area are appreciated! 

Since I haven't been able to workout since I was 28 weeks pregnant...that was in October...I have been instructed to be extremely gradual and to listen to my body.  I will definitely make sure I don't push it too much, but I want to see changes, so it will be a fine line that I will be riding.  I want to feel strong again, so sore muscles are in my future.  Once Maxwell has his 2 month shots, I will look into joining a mommy workout group of some form.  I think that will be good for me in the immediate future and nice to when Maxwell can start playing with other kiddos.  

My plan for the next 4 weeks is to do a workout video 4 times per week and walk/jog on any nice days, along with drinking plenty of water and eating healthy. I will also be reading Women'sHealth's "Your Body's Best Year Ever" for a wide variety of workouts and meal ideas! Here's to the pounds falling off!

{6 Weeks Postpartum}
Stats as of 02/09/16 
Current Weight: 156 lbs 
Goal Weight: 125 lbs

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