Monday, May 16, 2016

Maxwell is Four Months

I'm a couple weeks late with this post, but all pictures were taken on time!  Maxwell is absolutely precious and loves his mommy, daddy, and big brother! The smiles he gives us when we talk to him and tickle him are breathtaking!  This past month we really got into a good routine with naps and bedtime.  It's nice for all of us.  

4 Month Stats: Weight 16th percentile, Height 26th percentile, Head 70th percentile.  He weighed 13 lbs 3 oz and was 24.3 inches long.  

Four Month Memories

Rubs his eyes when he's tired. His mannerisms are so much more controlled and "big boy" like.

He is officially ticklish and laughs the hardest when daddy tickles him!!  He responds more to me when I talk/sing/make funny noises to him.

Maxwell laughs at us all the time!!!  He laughs at us, at himself, mimics's glorious!

We broke out the jumper and he is learning to love it.  He's a little short for it, so we have to put our wedding album under it so he can touch the "ground." 

He rolled from front to back, but still hasn't mastered the back to front roll.  He is trying really hard though.  The grunts he makes are hilarious.

He has found his toes!!  I love it when he grabs his toes and tries to eat them!

He sucks his bottom lip and it is so adorable.  He's definitely learning to control his sounds and hands much better!

He has traveled to Pennsylvania to visit family twice and he has traveled to Maryland & DC to visit friends!  Jared was in DC for the first time around the same age!  Four states in four months!

Maxwell's Four Month Photoshoot
Just smile because he is ADORABLE!!

Monthly Mommy & Me Pictures