Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Tribute to a Perfect Peppy!

As the saying goes, a dog is man's best friend... and to a large extent this is true. Dogs are by far extremely loyal and have a sixth sense when something is wrong. They love without judgment, get excited when you are excited and know how to put on a mean front in the face of danger. My Peppy was no exception. While she was a little goofy, loved to chase us down the road and didn't listen to the word No when she thought she should be joining us for the car ride, she was a pretty amazing dog! She absolutely loved being around us, especially my brother Mike. Those two just had a connection. She slept in his room, tug along with him to mow our neighbor's grass and really just loved Mike. She loved us all and got really excited when we pulled in the drive way, but to this day, if she had to choose between a chunk of ham (which she would not chew before swallowing like a polite doggie) or one of us...I don't know which one she'd pick, but my bet is the ham! Peppy went gaga over ham and so, when we found out that she was dying of a terminal illness (cancer or kidney failure from lymes), we bought her her very own ham...and when we still couldn't let her go...we bought her another ham... We just bought her ham and loved on her until she let go. She was our sweet, huge, totally lovable German Sheppard! We will forever love her and remember her with a smile!

Peppy is in doggie heaven eating ham and lovin the outdoors and her spot in the living room!

In no special order...

(and sadly I only have more recent photos)

May 2010: Tom and Peppy waiting for Bonzers to come home from school!

May 2010: Enjoying the outdoors

May 2010: Man's best friend! Again, waiting for the bus!

May 2010: On the hunt!

May 2010: I see something Master.

April 2010: Yea, I don't mind getting my hair pulled or being used for table walking! She was good with the kiddos!

April 2010: Easter Egg Hunt! She was pretty good at sniffing them out!

April 2010: This way little one!

April 2010: And we are off again!

June 2010: Father's Day!

Much love.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm in love...

…with SKYPE!!!   and Ryan of course!

Seeing the love of your life after 133 days (yes, I’m counting) is indescribable! Oh my heavens, I cried, I laughed and I just loved seeing his face! He is soooo skinny! I mean, we both had a few pounds to lose, but he has lost a ton and he looks perfect! We kissed through the monitor, we smiled and giggled and danced around and just kept saying how amazing it is to see one another!!!

To see Ryan while talking to him (for the first time in over a month I may add) was a dream come true! Basically, this weekend rocked and I didn’t do anything other than talk to him for 3 to 4 hours a day! Ahhh! I cannot wait for him to come home! I love him so much and I am ever so thankful to the inventors of Skype! It’s pure genius! Now, if only they could create a version of skype that takes up much much much less bandwidth so that we can do this with limited internet connection… million dollar idea? Maybe! If only I was a techy, just this once!  Ok, I know, I can't be selfish, well, I shouldn't be, but I totally am.  I want more lovin time!

Sorry, no pictures because I failed miserably at taking them. I was too  excited to see him that I completely forgot. Oops! I love you Ryan!

Much love.