Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Baby Boy's Nursery

Baby Boy's Nursery started out as a woodland theme and quickly changed to no theme at all, but rather just colors that I liked together!  I have never done themes very well, so it wasn't surprising to me that I didn't keep with a theme this time either, BUT don't worry I absolutely love his nursery!! There are so many pieces that came from friends and family and hold special meaning to me and will one day mean a lot to Maxwell. It's a constant work in progress as I find things I love, get around to hanging pictures, making a mobile, and changing out his lighting, but for now, here it is!

Huge thanks to...
My wonderful dad for painting the room!
Jared for helping me put the bookcase together!
Ryan and Jared for building the crib!
Ryan for assembling the rocker & hanging the blinds!
I truly appreciate the love and hard work that went into making this nursery perfect for our baby boy!

The view from the door.

Maxwell's Crib Area
My sister made the sign for my baby shower! I love it, but eventually I will be hanging a mobile there, so the sign will be moved or put in a keepsake box.
The fox decals were an easy find and gifted to us from Heather!
These goofy animals all have special meanings!  The giraffe is from my mom and is at our baby shower!  The Zebra is Maxwell's first stuffed animal and is from Virginia!  The Rino is actually Jared's from when he was a baby!
The moon is from Aunt Karin!  The dog is from Tressa! The Bear and the Owl are from Gramma! The lamb is from Aunt Carol!  All aside from the Bear sing and Maxwell absolutely loves the Lamb singing "Jesus Loves You"!  It's precious how he coos and reaches for it!

His Bookcase

Nourish Youth and It Will Blossom is a quote that Mr. Grady, the director of the Honors Program at LaSalle had hanging over his office door and my best friend, Sarah, made me this one and gave it to me as a thank you for being her Matron of Honor.  The Willow Tree figures are from our wedding, Christmas, and Maxwell's Baptism.

Our Reading & Nursing Corner

Love this blanket that Heather made for Maxwell!!  It's so soft!

His dresser which I refinished (and need to touch up)

Delia gave Maxwell the animal print and Maureen gave him the Prayer frame!

The Window & Lira's "Nursery Bed"

She's the sweetest puppy and loves her baby brother so much!!

The Closet Wall

I love white for the furniture because it's timeless and bright!  Plus if we have a girl next, I will be able to add pretty curtains and a matching sheet to add some feminine qualities!!  

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