Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Little Beach Lover

Living near the beach is quite a blessing when you love to be outside and have a little man who adores the ocean!  We are definitely making the most of it this summer.  While the water can still be a little chilly to swim in, it's perfect for skim boarding.  This past weekend we were taunted by a tropical storm, but we were able to get in a good two hours of fun in the sun on Sunday!  Little man loves his skim board and he is getting better with each trip to the beach!  

Check out those little boy muscles!  He is extremely lean and fit.  He is also hitting that age where he aware of what he looks like and wants to be "buffer."  Don't worry, he will not be lifting weights or taking protein for years and years.  He needs to grow before that happens.  It happening is inevitable for the most part, but when it happens is still in our control thank heavens!

I am totally digging the action shots!

Ok, so I went a little crazy with the editing and the photo taking, but when it's the middle of the day, hazy, and perfect picture taking weather, you have to take advantage of it.  I can guarantee you that the average beach pictures will be heavy with shadows and I hate that.  When in Rome! 
Side note:  I am horrible at skim boarding.  I wish I was a fearless child. 
Much love.

First School Dance for Little Man!

On Friday, June 7, 2013, J-man had his very first dance…err social.  It was just for the 5th graders and it was only from 6-8pm, but boy o boy you would have thought it was prom!  J-man and his best friend, Caleb were so excited about this dance, and rightly so.  The start of dances is a rite of passage for youngins.  I remember my first dance, the butterflies I had and the high hopes of dancing with my little crush.  But, I will admit, I was far less cool than this little dude.  J-man has a confidence and sense of style that I lacked until much older.  Heck, who am I kidding?  I’ve never been cool and never will be and that perfectly fine by me because I’m happy and quite content with the woman I’ve become, but I digress. 

Back to cute, super cool, little 5th graders...

He was a little nervous that's for sure, but he was super cool about it.  He asked me how to slow dance because he didn't know where to put his hands.  Hehe!  I love him!  Hubby and I showed him how to slow dance...the PG version of course. He's used to watching me dance, so the poor kiddo was probably really intimidated when he heard "dance."  The sense of relief on his face when he saw hubby and I demonstrate was adorable!  My dad told me he probably thought he was super cool because he learned to dance from a pro.  In his mind I'm a pro.  In reality, I am far from a professional dancer.

I adore the pictures above!  Thank heavens he humored me and let me take tons of pictures!  This was a super memorable moment!

Mr. Cool Guy is over the pictures, but I'm not!

Fake Smile.  He really was giddy though!

Ok, I'm done torturing the kiddo. It was getting close to 5:45 i.e. the time he was supposed to walk to his best friend's house.  We all headed down, saw the boys in all their handsome, super cool guyness, and told them to have a blast. 
Hubby and I went on a little dinner date and then we headed to the school to pick up the boys!  They sprinted out to us covered in sweat with huge smiles and tons of stories!!  It was priceless!  Both boys asked their little ladies to dance!  Jared asked Lena!  Caleb asked Maria!  Brave little buggers!  The both screamed in really hyper pre-puberty voices that it was the most fun they have ever had!  Snap!  I'd call that a successful first dance! 
To cap the night off, they had a sleepover! 
Much love.

Monday, June 3, 2013


Lipstick makes a statement.
Some people wear it to stand out.
Some people wear it to feel confident or pretty.
Some people wear because their mama’s wear it.
Some people wear it to conform.
It comes in fire engine red
And Hot Pink.
Its softer pinks and beiges are subtle, but pretty.
The options are endless.
In the end it all comes down to what we think looks good on our lips.

My mom is a red lady!
My gramma is a pearl pink lady!
I am a gloss, shimmer, natural lady….
But I’ve been known to break out the red from time to time!

Why a lipstick themed post?  Well, over Memorial Day weekend I visited my Gramma at her nursing home and she was in a sour mood.  She told me she was a “sack of potatoes these days.”  If you know my gramma, you know that is a bad sign.  If you know me, you know fresh air and or music are the cures for a sad soul.  Since it was super windy that day, I promised her I’d take her outside the next day.  I showed up Sunday morning with my Mom, Husband, stepson and puppy.  The first thing out of her mouth was “Get me my lipstick!”  Oh yea, Gramma’s back!!  She’s wheelchair bound and hurting in so many areas, but that lipstick makes her feel alive!  My mom held her compact while I put on her lipstick and then Gramma rubbed her lips together and smiled with approval!  Gosh I love her!

Lipstick on and she was ready to go for a walk in the sunshine!  Little Lira bee-booped up to her and ended up sitting on her lap after running around for a bit.  Pets can be quite soothing; I think Lira would be a great hospital dog.  She loves to be lazy and never refuses a scratch!

Pearl Pink Lipstick Lady!

Going for a walk with her daughter, granddaughter, grandson (inlaw), great grandson, great grandpuppy!

Great Grandson and Great Grandpuppy running!

Lira enjoying a relaxing ride with gramma!

P.S. What's your lipstick of choice?

Much love.