About me

I am a lover...

I don't just live, I love to live.  I feel everything...joy, pain, the deepest of heartthrob, the most powerful love...the love that makes the grass greener, the skies bluer, and the laundry list much shorter. 

I was raised with love and in turn I was raised to love!  My parents express their love for one another, for their children and for complete strangers day in and day out.  Kisses, hugs, door holding, laughter, date nights, support, and a resounding excitement for exploring life has surrounded me throughout my life.  It has always been natural for me to throw my whole heart into relationships and expect that in return.   I just want to spread love and put smiles on faces!  Being in love is the most amazing feeling in the entire world and I wish it upon everyone!

I am also blessed with a beautiful, well handsome, stepson!  He is a TEENAGER and a  complete Daddy's boy through and through!  There is nothing like seeing a dad and his son having a "moment."  It just puts the biggest of smiles on my face! Little lives make life so much more interesting! Speaking of little lives, baby boy #2 is due January 2016 and we are overjoyed!!  I simply adore the way kids see things and how innocent they are; they can teach us a world of lessons.  There is nothing wrong with being a child at heart and loving unconditionally!