Friday, September 11, 2015

TMI Warning: Week 23 Pregnancy Symptoms

OH EMM GEE.  THE GAS PAINS ARE TERRIBLE.  So, we are on our daily evening walk and all of the sudden I started getting pains on my lower right side.  I've gotten round ligament before and I thought it was the same thing so I stretched.  Bad Move.  Things got way worse to the point that I couldn't take steps larger than a couple inches.  I started to panic because that's what first time pregnant women do when they feel a pain they've never felt before and they were pummeled in the ocean earlier that day.  Let the googling of possible causes commence.  Placenta Abrasion, Miscarriage, Appendicitis, not once was Gas Bubbles or the like mentioned...only worst case scenarios.  Let the water works start.  I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed and then I started farting and burning and I felt much better.  I had never been so happy to fart in my life...well, until a couple nights later when the exact same thing happened except even more painful.  I actually sent my amazing husband running home for the truck because I literally was going to go to the bathroom right then and there. Thank God we were in our neighborhood or I would have been popping a squat in the woods. Oh the things people don't tell you about being pregnant!  So my savior came flying back in the truck, I hopped in the backseat because that was the side closest to me, I hobbled inside and I heard the neighbors ask if everything was ok.  Ryan chatted with them, so I'm pretty sure they know I have gas pains now too :)  Just keeping it real! Welcome to the neighborhood!  haha! Needless to say, after some quality time on the porcelain throne, I felt worlds better.  I think it was the pasta...I don't know though. 

Here's a little pregnancy buzzfeed video that made me laugh so hard! 
"Crazy Things Pregnant Couples Do"
For the record, I have no cravings and still hate fast food!

Second thing that's been happening to me...waking up at 3am starving and then not falling back asleep until after Jared is on the bus.  Thank God I am not working a traditional 8-5 job at the moment. God Bless all you hard working corporate mamas out there.  I admire you tremendously, especially when I am crawling back in bed and you are putting on your stilettos. 

Baby, I am so sorry pregnancy isn't all big boobs and amazing sex drive.  At least you don't have to actually deal with the pains of gas and the insomnia. And I'm sorry for the times I wake you when I get up to go to the bathroom for the 10th time a night.  I am really trying to be as quiet as can be and I never turn the light on.  I've pretty much mastered peeing in the dark!  Love you!

Much love. 

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  1. Sis, welcome to prego motherhood!!! Hahaha! I had similar things happen when I was pregnant with Aaron and Casey. You are so cute and I love how you describe it!!! I can orally picture it!! Love you!!


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