Sunday, September 20, 2015

Nursery Edition: The Walls & Best Pop Pop Ever!

Over Labor Day Weekend, my parents and sister came down to visit, see the new house, and paint baby boy's nursery!  My dad is a professional painting and papering contractor who does amazing work, so I wasn't going to refuse his offer to paint his grandson's nursery!  I had in my head that I wanted a grayish color for the walls, but once I started looking at paint swatches, none of them were really popping out to me.  Every color I looked at was either too gray, too dirty (brownish), too orange, too I decided to go with a more pure blue. I chose BEHR Sky Light View MQ3-53 in Satin. It was really speaking to me and when paired with white trim and white furniture, I loved it!!  Accent colors and woodland animals will be added to the nursery, but the first order of business was to get rid of the LAVENDER WALLS and DOLL DRESS WALLPAPER BOARDER...

Luckily the boarder came down extremely easily because if you've ever taken wallpaper down, you know it can be  nightmare and very time consuming.  I've spent several summer days peeling wallpaper for my dad during middle school and high school...I know, but more than that, I really wanted this to be a smooth and easy job for my dad.  Thankfully it was!  

Painting the trim extra white!!

Old Guys Rule!
I'm pretty sure I gave him this shirt for Christmas a few years ago :)

Bye Bye Lavender! 

He brush painted near the trim and has such a steady hand that he doesn't need to use tape.  If it were me, this entire room would have been taped up a storm.  It was amazing watching him paint in perfect lines while holding a conversation with his nosey daughter i.e. ME! 

I was super giddy to have this room painted!  I literally look in it multiple times a day and dream! It also changes colors depending on the light. Sometimes it seems a little more green or a little more gray and sometimes it's super blue!  I love it all the time! 

Thank you Daddy for such an amazing gift!  I absolutely LOVE that you painted your grandson's nursery!  I've dreamed of you painting our home and this being the first room is extremely special to me!  You are amazing!  Love you!  

Next phases are DIY: repaint $40 dresser, repaint crib we got from a friend for free

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