Friday, September 4, 2015

Baby Journal

My dear friend Virginia gave me this precious pregnancy journal that I absolutely adore.  I don't write in it all the time, but I definitely make sure I write in it when big things happen like...

morning sickness,
the sight of a growing belly
first kicks, 
Ryan feeling our baby move, 
Jared's reaction to hearing he was going to be a big brother which we recorded and is hilarious,
finding out if we were having a baby boy or girl, 
pregnancy symptoms, 
and the list goes on.  

It's nice to have one place to put everything!  Oh and when I want to write, but I might be at a loss, there are so many suggestions throughout the journal!  Each month has it's own section with ideas for topics and then a general "notes" section.  I definitely use the "notes" section the most because I like to just ramble when I write.  Oh and an added bonus, the cover is adorable!  I absolutely love the color and the pattern!  It's totally my style!

Much love

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