Wednesday, August 26, 2015

National Dog Day! We Love our Pooch!

If you follow me on instagram (@SarahNolanPhoto) you probably have realized that our adorable pup has her own hashtag #lirapuppy because she debuts on there at ton and is pretty much the most adorable, sweet, neurotic, and precious puppy in the whole world!  We love her so so so much!

This summer has been filled with allergy issues.  First the vet thought she had the Tidewater Itch which is basically bug bites in the Tidewater area that were really impacting small dogs.  She sits so low to the ground, was super itchy and had lots of the symptoms, so we treated them with antibiotics,  an allergy medication, and a bland diet.  Well, three weeks later everything came back.  Round two.  I spoke with the vet and he indicated that it could also be a food allergy, so our little princess has been on home cooked meals since July and she seems to be doing much better.  We have narrowed it down to gluten and possibly dairy.  I need to be really diligent about only giving her one of those for a week or two.  She has an egg and protein and little bit of rice for breakfast, snacks on our lunch with us, and gets her own dinner plate.  Yes, she is eating well, probably better than most humans.  It's a little nutty, but we want her itching to stop and her stomach antibodies to be healthy, so we've adapted and she hasn't complained.  She's our little princess!

In honor of National Dog Day, I took her outside for some pictures and in true Lira fashion, she wouldn't look at the camera no matter what tricks I pulled on her.  She's a stubborn one.

Here are some things Lira has taught us:

1. Love unconditionally, with every part of your being and if the people you are loving, aren't loving you back, just continue to paw their face!
2. Get excited when family comes home!  Kiss them, jump on them, hug them, lick them!
3. Don't be insecure, belly rubs and full body rubs are the best!  Enjoy them!
4. Puppy eyes really do work.
5. Naps are pretty much amazing especially when you are preggers!
6. Be loyal to the ones that love you and be hesitant around strangers.
7. If you are hungry, EAT!
8. Puppy dreams are adorable!!
9. Walks are SOOOO much fun! And they are good for you! 
10. If you get a bad haircut, it will grown back & let the wind blow your hair!

Why do we love our dog so much?! Because she's the sweetest little puppy who loves her mama and her papa and her J-man so very much! She may look insanely sad at times, but if you know her, you know she's playing us like crazy because she is beyond spoiled with 2 long walks a day, homemade meals, 4 beds, tons of full body rubs, and lots of snuggles.  She sure has us wrapped around her little puppy paw and we are A-ok with that!

Much love.

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