Monday, August 31, 2015

This Bud's For You!

"This Bud's For You!" was the motto for Delia's gorgeous bridal shower!  She's marrying Bud for those of you who don't know her personally, hence the slogan!  The details were amazing, the food was on point, Delia looked ravishing and her many faces during present time were priceless!  

Details & Food...what can is say, they were perfect for Delia!  Everything from a Mexican wedding banner to incorporate her time spent volunteering in Mexico to a magnetic board of pictures with friends and family to personalized banners saying "This Bud's For Her" and "Delia Rocks My Socks" to scrumptious deserts and tasty sangria I hear were perfect!

So many friends and family showed up to shower Delia with their love and support!  I think it's unanimous that we all LOVE Delia and Bud together and have been waiting for this day they announced they were engaged!!!  They are pretty much the sweetest, funniest, most genuine couple I know and I love them dearly!! 

Delia was adorable during present time!  Being the center of attention is not her thing, so I made sure to document all of precious facial expressions!  You are so very welcome Diz! xoxo!

We like to prank Delia as much as possible!  She has the best face! :)

Mother of the Bride gifts are always my favorite because their is a sentimental value attached to them!  Leslie is giving her baby girl to Bud and the traditional white nighty is a symbol of that!  I remember and treasure the one I received from my mother almost 6 years ago.

And of course we had to make her a hat from all the present bows so that she can carry it down the aisle for her rehearsal!  These are my favorite pictures!!  

We LOVE you Delia!!!!!  Thanks to these amazing ladies, Delia had a wonderful shower!  With being out of state I wasn't the most helpful, but I am certainly happy to have been able to help document her day!  

To top the shower off, Bud made an appearance with some gorgeous flowers and a sweet card for his bride to be!!!  He's a keeper! All the ladies were impressed!

Can't wait for your big day in November!!!! 

Much love.

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