Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Update on Little Man

My stepson aka little man is living with his mom this year.  It is a huge adjustment for us because we have had him for over two years and have enjoyed every second of it.  He’s a good kid with his own interests and talents.  Watching him grow over the past 5 years since I’ve become part of his life has been a blessing.  He is far more confident than I was at his age, but he is also far less attentive than I was.  I think that is a huge difference between boys and girls.  I cared a lot more about getting good grades and not getting in trouble than he does (and his dad and my brothers and pretty much most of the people I know).  Maybe it’s just the difference between me and the majority of the world.  Regardless, I’ve loved watching him grow and I continue to watch him grow.  For heaven’s sake, he has grown two inches since the spring!  That’s crazy!  He’s totally stoked!  Height isn’t a strong point in his genes, so every inch is a huge achievement!  Grow Little Man Grow! 

He is a month into his first year of middle school and is doing well!  He is in advanced Science aka 8th grade science.  The school he goes to doesn’t have gifted programs for each grade; they simply bump you up a grade or two for that specific subject.  He’s learning all about atoms, minerals, the periodic table, genetics…chemistry basically, and he loves it!  You always know when he’s excited about something because he talks his head off about it.  He’s talking about his science class a lot which makes me very happy!  He also flat out said, I LIKE SCHOOL!  I'm stoked!  I've been waiting for those words to come out of his mouth.  Middle School is so much more fun than Elementary School.  You have more subjects, change classes, are given more freedom, and you feel like a big kid.  I’m so happy that he likes school and is doing well in it!

I really wish I had pictures to post, but you’ll all have to wait a few weeks for them.  Hubby and I are going to visit him in October!!  We are soo excited!  Given that he is in Iowa and we are in Virginia, we are going to take advantage of fall things like corn mazes and haunted hayrides while we visit him!  I’m going to try to get a few family pictures for Christmas too while we are out there.  We are driving the 15 hours to visit little man because flights are absolutely insane and we’d have to rent a car once we got there and get a hotel.  Do you hear the dollar signs adding up because I sure do?  Even though we are driving, we are excited.  My husband will be able to hit a few more states!  He is so close to being in all 50 states.  His mom just hit her 50th…Alaska!  I’m not even in the running, but it’s a big deal in his family and gosh darn he’s going to check all 50 states off his bucket list.


If you know of anything awesome to do in Iowa, let me know!  It’s a new state for us and we are open to ideas.  Preferably ideas that aren’t too expensive.  Traveling is getting quite pricey these days. 
Much love.


  1. Awesome! if you guys are driving through cleveland... please let me know :)

  2. Awesome! Love this post. if you guys are driving through cleveland... please let me know :) <3 Kara

  3. Grade 8? So he's around 13 or so?

    I find it seems to go REALLY fast after that. The growing I mean. One year my son (who is now 15) grew a whole head. It was a bit freaky especially for people who don't see him often. He went from a teenager to a small man in a matter of months. Voice and all. We're used to it now but it was quite the change!

    Anyway, enjoy the road trip to go visit him :) Get some pumpkin spice lattes or something and take photos!


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