Friday, September 27, 2013

On My Mind

I’ve been extremely energetic and scatter brained recently.  I love the energy aspect, but being scattered brain isn’t quote up my alley. Lists have been my saving grace because by God if I didn’t have them, I don’t think I’d actually get anything done.  Between working full time, dancing at least twice a week, tutoring once a week, working towards being self employed, being a friend, being a wife, keeping the house in order and enjoying the fall, I am one busy lady!  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love to be busy; it drives my husband crazy at times, so I definitely try to manage my time wisely and allow for some down time when my husband is around.  He’s definitely a good balance for me because if it wasn’t for him, I’d probably be busy every night of the week and that’s not good for me mentally or physically. 

So last night I woke up thinking I was in a grocery store with a mama bear and her 5 cubs on the loose.  Holy Cow it was startling, but it was really cool!  The interaction between mama bears and their cubs is always fascinating to me.  I once saw a black bear and two cubs run across the road while I was in Florida and their movements and awareness of their pack are really neat.  While I never want to randomly come across a mama bear and her cubs in a grocery store in real life, I did enjoy my dream.  Dreams are nice in that way.  You can experience life without really experiencing it. 
On the topic of dreams, the sky has been absolutely amazing the past few days...almost dream-like.  Fall skies always amaze me!  The layers of clouds, the bright sun, and the crisp air offer a new perspective. 

This morning driving to work, I felt an insane sense of calm.  It was heavenly.  I've been on edge lately and doubting humanity a bit which I absolutely hate. This morning, my faith was renewed.  The sky, the sun, the clouds, the crisp air, the smell of all consumed my senses and made me feel calm.  There is no way that something so beautiful exists if God doesn't truly love and have faith in humanity.  It was a very needed feeling. 
A High Bun and Fake Lashes.  They make me feel pretty and classy.  The high bun is keeping me from chopping my hair.  I just really love the look and I will miss it dearly if I chop my hair.  Oh heavens, I am definitely debating on how short I should go.  I'll make the decision this weekend.  I need a haircut, I just don't know how much of a haircut I need. I know it will grow back, but it will take time.  I worry I'll look fat faced with short hair. Ahh.  I'm just talking myself into getting my hair chopped and driving myself crazy in the meantime.  

Puppy Love:  My little angel was sick last week.  We don't know exactly what was wrong with her because she was eating, drinking, going potty and walking, but she would squeal and whimper randomly.  I was a worried mess.  Thank heavens she is back to her peppy self.  I really wish she could talk sometimes. 

Have a great weekend!! 
Much love.


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  1. Those clouds are total perfection. Good shot!


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