Saturday, September 28, 2013

Adorable Pups

This afternoon I had the honor of photographing Honey, an extremely sweet Golden Retriever, and Callie, an extremely shy Mastiff.  Their personalities were vastly different, but they were insanely well-behaved which is a testament to their mama. 
Honey has such a spunky personality!  She wanted nothing more than to be super close to me and stick her snout in my camera!  I loved it!  Her personality was magnetic! 
Look at that adorable nose and silly tongue!
She just wanted to be pet!
Super happy pup!
 Miss Callie was a little more challenging to photograph because she is extremely shy.  I definitely had to keep my distance because I didn't want to scare her. I would have loved to get a few close-up shots of her face, but you need to respect a dogs personality.  She didn't want me too close to her, so I didn't get too close to her.  She is beautiful!  Her stance is stunning!  Her body coloring is such a stark contrast to her snout.  It's gorgeous! 

Such a good watch dog!

Look at that posture!

Oh heavens!  That jaw and that tongue!  She's beautiful!
When I walked in the door from the photo session, this little one was all about sniffing me and then she decided to model for me!  I love her cute little legs and adorable fascination with watching the street through the front door. 

These eyes always make me melt!  She just stares at me like I'm the most beautiful and perfect mama probably because she wants cuddles, scratches, walks and cheese!!  Love her to pieces!

Let me know what you think of these pictures!  I love animals and capturing their personalities!
Thank you to the pups and their mama for letting me take pictures of them this afternoon!  I truly appreciate it!

Much love.

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  1. I think your dog photos turned out great! Callie is such a beauty; I totally covet an English Mastiff, ugh!


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