Monday, September 23, 2013

DC Freestyles: Ballroom Dancing the Weekend Away!

My third DC Freestyle Ballroom Dance Competition with Arthur Murray was this past weekend and holding true to tradition, it was amazing!  I competed in 19 heats: Open & Closed Waltz, Open & Close Foxtrot, Open & Closed Tango, Two Step, Samba, Mambo, Open & Close Rumba, Open & Close Cha Cha, Open & Closed Triple Swing, Hustle, Salsa, Bachata, and a random partner dance that happened to be a Cha Cha.  Closed dances are only school figures with strict lead and follow. I am Associate Bronze, so I can dance Bronze I & II school figures during "Closed" heats.   In "Open" heats, choreography is allowed and you can dance outside of your level.  Personally, I am so much more comfortable during my "Open" heats because they follow the "Closed" heats, my muscles are warmed up and I have generally worked all my jitters out. 
Here are some videos of a few of my rhythm dances:
A post cannot be complete without some pictures!  Here is the Arthur Murray Virginia Beach Fall 2013 DC Freestyles Team in our rhythm outfits!!  We all did wonderful!  Congratulations!
I have some self shots this time around too!  I felt super sexy and sassy this time.  I was definitely having a skinny day and I was tan and since it was my third time competing, I was slightly less nervous...until I walked into the ballroom.  Having hubby there for the first time was definitely great for me!  He kept me from over thinking everything...which I have a tendency to do.  Thanks babe!  Love you!
Here's one for my baby.

It was fun to have Ryan take pictures of me!
What's rhythm without a some classy smooth dresses to balance out the fringe?!  Here we are looking elegant!

A Tango shot!

I like this picture because it captures the floor and really shows you what the audience sees when they are looking at the floor!

Dancing is such a wonderful experience for me mentally, physically, and emotionally.  The fulfillment I receive from conquering a certain step, grasping a concept or just feeling a song and rocking out to it, is simply amazing!  The rush of knowing you just danced one of your best dances, and it was being judged, is fantastic!  I felt it a few times this weekend and I continue to relive it in my mind.  That competitive spirit is burning inside of me.  It's a neat feeling.  I've always been a team player and I am definitely Team Virginia Beach, but when push comes to shove, I want to personally do the best I can and absolutely dominate.  When I am on that floor, I am competing for the studio and for myself.  I represent the Virginia Beach Studio and by God, I want to represent them in the best light possible. 
Thank you to the instructors for letting my light shine and for bringing out the competitive spirit within me.  Ryan is really appreciative!
SPIL: Simple Pleasures In Life
+Competitive Spirits
+Fringe Dresses
+Feeling Sexy and modeling for you hubby
+Dancing your heart out
Much love.

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