Thursday, August 22, 2013

We Have A Middle Schooler!!!

Oh my heavens!  Little man started MIDDLE SCHOOL today!  My first though was he's getting so big. My second thought was I am so not old enough for this.  I'm his proud stepmom and I'm often mistaken as his older sister.  Maybe that's because I'm young looking, but maybe it's because I technically could be his sister.  I'm only 16 years older than he is.  Funny to think about because when it comes to my parenting style I am pretty darn traditional and he knows it.  
So, back to the fact that J-man started MIDDLE SCHOOL today.  Yes, Middle School.  Sixth Grade. Switching classes.  Lockers.  Big Kids. Multiple teachers.  I'm in minor shock if you can't tell.  I can just see little Jared in middle school with the big kids, carrying a stack of books, rushing down flights of stairs in the 4 minutes he has between classes so that he won't be late...  Or would he be the cool kid who doesn't care if he's late.  He better not be that cool kid.  Not under my watch.  Being cool is only so important, but at eleven years old when you're the new kid, it probably means the world.  Remember, I'm not that old. Being the new kid isn't really fun...until college!! 
So, here's J-man on his first day of school!  He chose to wear the oldest shirt he owns...literally, he received this as a gift when he was about 3 years old...and a pair of awesome shorts I bought him this summer!  The benefit of being in a small town and living close to get to ride your bike to school!

He called me after school and told me all about how he is the smartest kid in his science class because his teacher asked the class what a hard word meant (one he can't remember at the moment) and he was the only one who knew the meaning.  Then he told me that his locker is on the first floor and there are four stories to the school, so it's really hard to get to all your classes on time.  I suggested that he not go to his locker between every class.  It was a genius idea to him!  On an extremely important note, most of the boys are his size, but the girls are gigantic!!  Bahahaha!  I guess we don't have to worry about too many distractions if he thinks that of the girls.  Boys are hilarious, especially this little spitfire! 
That's our bright-eyed, bushy-tailed middle schooler for you!  He's in for a year of learning and not just academically.  Middle school teaches you a lot about responsibility.  Homework becomes much more challenging, the babying that you get in elementary school is gone, the projects are more frequent, you're an emotional mess because your body is changing and your body is changing...that alone throws kids for a loop.  Fun years ahead for all of us! 
Dear J-man,
You're in middle school now.  You're a big kid with big kid responsibilities.  Embrace it and live up to it.  Daddy and I are very proud of you and expect great things from you in the future!  You are such a smart, witty, talented boy and we know you are capable of greatness, so don't be discourage when we say that we expect great things from you.  We only say it because we believe it to be true in our hearts and minds.  You are a special boy who will excel in middle school!  Enjoy this time of learning more about the boy you are today and the man you will become.  Work hard and be proud of your work.  We love you and miss you!  If you need anything, just let us know.  We are here for you Bubba!
Love Always & Forever,
Sarah & Dad
P.S. Always follow your instincts.  They will guide you in the right direction.  If you still doubt yourself, call me. Love you!

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  1. Aw no way!!! Too cute :) Happy school year to him!

    I know I you feel "I'm too young for this". My (only) son is 15 years old. I'm 36. Compared to his friends' parents, I'm the youngest one. And sometimes I feel "too young for this". ;)


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