Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Botanical Gardens - Glass Sculptures Ed.

My Botanical Garden Pass came today and I jumped for joy…literally!  There was a squeal of delight and little hopping in the foyer going on!  This may seem like a silly thing to get excited about, but being the daughter of gardener and absolutely loving the outdoors, this little gem opens a world of beautiful flowers and foliage, 12 miles of trails to walk, run and bike, tons of photography opportunities, fitness classes, a place to bring people when the visit, pure enjoyment of nature.  Ahh!  I am so happy!!

This past weekend Hannah, Heather, little C-man and I all went to the gardens to walk and talk.  Spur of the moment decisions like this are going to make this pass all the sweeter. I love girl time, especially fresh air girl time. 

The weekend prior, Hannah, Willie and I all went to the gardens to see their glass sculpture exhibit.  There were 30 sculptures in total and we are proud to say that we found all 30!  I won’t show you all of them, but you’ll get the idea of them from my favorites!  I went a little clicker happy while I was there.  There’s something about taking photos of flowers that just calls my name.  The natural light, the bright colors, the pure natural beauty…I adore it! 

WARNING: Prepare to be bombarded with flower photography!
Orchids.  One of my favorites!

I have no idea what flower this is, but it was so cool.  It looked wax.
In the greenhouse.
A pond flower without it's petals.
One of the glass sculptures
I have always had a love for grasses!
Birds of Paradise glass sculpture.
Hydrangea Glass Sculpture 
Close up of the Hydrangea
A real live hydrangea
Another Hydrangea
Hydrangeas again.
Glass Fishies!
If I were a millionaire, I'd buy these for my dad!  They are sweet!
I really wanted these as my wedding centerpieces, but I couldn't find them anywhere.  I was thinking woodsy themed with pussy willows, some sticks and candles...It was a February wedding and would have looked pretty :)
Glass Sunflowers!
Up close of the Sunflowers!
Glass fern.
Wishing Puff!
Beautiful flower!
Pond flowers
The lighting was insane!  I love mother nature!

Much love.

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