Thursday, August 15, 2013

mPix Product Review

I rarely do product reviews or website reviews because…well because for me they are boring to write and I don’t write to be bored.  I write to capture memories and be creative.  This is an exception because it is through this site that my photography comes to life in my house.  mPix is a picture printing site that I read about in Scott Kelby’s photography books and I am in LOVE with the products!  The online site is wonderful to use and they even have a sweet little app so I can order all my little instagram pics right from my phone!  Heck Yea!  That makes me super happy! 

I ordered a paper sampler so that I can physically see what papers I am ordering and to know the quality that will be delivered.  It’s a simple little book that reminds me of a paint deck, but much smaller.  Paint decks have a special place in my heart because my father is a painting contractor.  It’s the little reminders in life that make it extra sweet.  

I’ve received a few orders and have been thrilled with every single one!  The instagram prints are wonderful!  They are good quality for being taken with my iPhone 4 and they are cute for making coasters or sending to family members!  The true 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 prints are phenomenal!  The colors are perfect, the clarity is wonderful!  I am so happy!  The guessing game is over.  I now order my pictures with confidence and receive the product I expect.  I’m a happy camper!

There are always promo codes, so I highly recommend getting on their email list regardless of your photography skills.  If you ever get pictures printed, give mPix a try.

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If you are a photographer, are there any printing sites that you recommend? 

*I have only gotten prints from mPix, so I do not know if their other products are of such high quality.

Much love.

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