Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rainy Day Blues

Rainy days make me want to curl up in a pile of blankets with a good, candles flickering and hot tea steaming. Today is one of those days.  It’s dreary here and while some may complain about rainy days, I enjoy them now and then.  They speak to me. Sometimes I need an excuse to stay in and not do much of anything “productive” and rainy days off that guilt-free excuse for me.  Rainy days also let me mood reflect them.  It’s ok to be dreary.  It’s good for the soul to reflect and really appreciate life for the good and bad and the lessons held within each.  Today I am missing my little man.  He was such a homebody and loved a good day of movies, cuddles, naps, a little baking and PJs.  Today is a day for that.  Instead I am headed to work and Lira puppy is looking at me like I am abandoning her.  The saying “puppy eyes” was made for her.  Holy guilt trip Batman.

J-man has been with his mom for almost two weeks now and there is still a huge hole in my heart.  I can’t go in his room without getting sad.  Finding little socks that need washing and folding doesn’t help with my missing him either.  He’s doing ok, adjusting to a new environment and routine.  Changes like these take time, but my heavens, I pray my heart out that he is happy.  He is very aware of other’s feelings and knows how to cater to them.  I make him promise that he will always be honest with me and remind him constantly that his parents and I are adults and want the best for him always.  We can handle anything; it’s our job. 

Since I’m in a reminiscing mood, here are some pictures that I took of Ryan and Jared on our last day together.  Since they are both golf lovers, I figured a five minute golf themed photo shoot was the way to go!

Looking up to his dad.

Being Goofs!

Future Golf Commercial!

See you soon little dude!  I'm going to miss these walks on the course.  We had some good conversations out there.

Much love.

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  1. That future golf commercial photo is too perfect! I like the last one, too. Great photo skills, Sarah!


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