Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wow. Sorry for being MIA. I am ALIVE!

Life over the past month or so has been extremely hectic.  Good hectic, but hectic nonetheless. I went on a vacation to the OBX with my entire family!  Twenty plus people in an eight bedroom house.  It was amazing and much needed!  The Fourth of July brought lots of family time and a surprise visit from my brother in law!  A last minute work trip to Chicago that was successful, but was stressful because of the time constraint.  While life was happening, my garden kept growing!!  Thank heavens mother nature lent me a helping hand with lots of sunshine and an abundance of rain!!

Cherry Plum Hybrid Tomato

Cherry Plum Hybrid Tomatoes that are growing and will taste yummy soon.

They are perfect! 
Jalapeno - I have a ton of these bad boys!
These monsters are supposed to be super sweet!

I picked one because I had to.

Elephant Ears!

Elephant Ears and my garden in the background


Some crazy pepper plant that was mislabeled.

My pickings for the day!

They are so yummy!
 Much love.


  1. These look so yummy! Once we have a yard (We live in an apartment right now) I can't wait to have our own garden too!


    1. It's so nice to have a yard! We just rent, so I have to be considerate about how much yard I use as a garden.
      The tomatoes were part of lunch today...yum!

  2. I love going out to my garden and seeing what's popped up. Somehow food tastes better to me when I grow it myself!



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