Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Little Beach Lover

Living near the beach is quite a blessing when you love to be outside and have a little man who adores the ocean!  We are definitely making the most of it this summer.  While the water can still be a little chilly to swim in, it's perfect for skim boarding.  This past weekend we were taunted by a tropical storm, but we were able to get in a good two hours of fun in the sun on Sunday!  Little man loves his skim board and he is getting better with each trip to the beach!  

Check out those little boy muscles!  He is extremely lean and fit.  He is also hitting that age where he aware of what he looks like and wants to be "buffer."  Don't worry, he will not be lifting weights or taking protein for years and years.  He needs to grow before that happens.  It happening is inevitable for the most part, but when it happens is still in our control thank heavens!

I am totally digging the action shots!

Ok, so I went a little crazy with the editing and the photo taking, but when it's the middle of the day, hazy, and perfect picture taking weather, you have to take advantage of it.  I can guarantee you that the average beach pictures will be heavy with shadows and I hate that.  When in Rome! 
Side note:  I am horrible at skim boarding.  I wish I was a fearless child. 
Much love.

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  1. I love the pictures Betty! Miss you lady. diz :)


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