Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oh Running...and a Neat Little Book

Oh Running.
I am not a runner by nature.
I am just working towards a goal,
A silly, very silly, New Year’s resolution actually.
At times I feel as if I could run for days,
And at other times I feel like my body is rejecting my stomach.
The latter is a horrible feeling,
Absolutely horrible.
Yesterday, I had an amazing run!
I needed it because I was starting to get extremely discouraged.
Stomach issues while running are not enjoyable.
Thank heavens giving up dairy and popping two Tums before running seems to help.

This is me feeling like death after a run.

This is me feeling like I could conquer the world after a run.

Oh and this little 75-cents of perfection arrived in the mail yesterday! 
Perfect timing in my mind!
A little book that took 20 years to compile has quite the collection!
It's one of those books that you pick up and randomly open to a page.
I love it! 
It will definitely reside on my coffee table to eternity.
I look forward to friends making notes in it!

Much love.

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