Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Belated First Father's Day Photoshoot!

Back in June I did a First Father’s Day photo session and I completely forgot to share the pictures.  This is the little boy that was in his mama’s belly in this post and in his mama’s arms in this post.  This photo-loving family loves highly edited photos – over exposed, funky colors, sharp lines, etc. -  so I tried to provide them with some overly edited photos as well as some true colored, true exposure photos. 
The Dad decided he wanted to go to the Botanical Gardens Water Playground for the fun shoot and that is exactly what we did!  They got soaking wet instantly and from there naked baby came out!  I love chubby naked babies and generally babies love being naked, so it works out great!  There were some wonderful expressions, cute moments, playful moments, and totally “them” moments.  Oh and this entire shoot was candid.  The dad refused to pose.  Keep that in mind when you are looking at these photos!  It was actually really fun!
Love a daddy's strong hand holding his baby!
Oh he loves his daddy!

Getting Wet!

The ears.  He has his daddy's ears!

I didn't edit this photo at all.  I love the light coming in and daddy's expression.

Upsiden down kisses!!

Playing on the fort!  Loving the lighting here too!

Relaxing in the hamock

What up, Dad?

Daddy hands and Daddy kisses!

Oh the ears!  I love those ears!

Much love.

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