Monday, March 18, 2013


This weekend was jam packed with celebrations!  Friday was a little spot light dancing celebration!  Little man, Hannah and her cousin came to the studio and watched me perform my open waltz in my costume.  Little man thought I did great!  He really enjoyed it and wants to learn how to swing dance!  Oh heavens!  That makes me happy!  I started teaching him this weekend and I actually caught him practicing and showing his best friend.  Watching two 10 year old boys in skinny jeans trying to east coast swing makes me giggle!  I love him!  He will know how to swing very soon!  The kids got swagger!

Saturday started with a cake smash for a first birthday and then a little birthday outing for little man!  He took two friends to the movies to see Oz (it wasn't that good in my opinion, but the kids seemed to like it) and then we have cake and ice cream back at the house.  Little man opened a few presents from us - skinny jeans, shorts and two shirts - he likes to look good.  His friends gave him money which made him a happy champ.  Naturally, a nerf war followed...and Ryan and I dominated, but not without injury.  I am so darn competitive, it isn't even funny.  That's what happens when you have brothers.  I dove behind the trash can, popped up, shot at the boys and dove back down..well, I slammed my chin and neck on the way down and two days later I am still feeling it.  Jeez.  I'm a nut sometimes :)  He wanted strawberry cake with blue icing!  All homemade of course!  It tasted yummy, but it reminded me of a unisex baby shower because of the pink and blue.

Saturday evening, I took Little Man and his friend to a benefit for children with rare genetic disorders.  They got all dressed up in black and white, behaved very well and had a blast deciding with baskets to put their raffle tickets in.  After an hour of debating which baskets they thought would be best for their sleepover, they made their decisions.  Well, those little buggers WON!! They screamed like little girls when they realized their number was called!  Of course we were sitting at the back of the room, so they proceeded to spring across the entire ballroom!  It was hilarious and adorable!  Luckily the benefit was for children, so there were lots of kids and a good amount of energy.

Needless to say, they ate all the treats in the bast that evening during their sleepover and they were both quite tired come Sunday morning.  Church was wonderful as always.  Father Michael gives the best homilies.  He is very educated, well versed and well written.  His homilies always leave an impact on you.  They are amazing.  This Sunday was about judging.  Don't do it. God loves us for who we are and it is not our job or our rite to judge others.  God is the only one who knows the whole story.  He knows the past, present, future. We don't.  He knows whats in our hearts and minds.  We don't. He said it much smoother, but that was the general gist of his homily.

Sunday afternoon LaSalle men's basketball team WON!  My best friend is beyond excited for these boys. Go LaSalle!!  This is a huge deal!

Sunday evening revolved around a little Leprechaun, a 25th birthday celebration and corn beef and cabbage that my hubby made.  He isn't a fan of corn beef, but I love it, so he made it for me!  Thank you babe!  I loved it!  He also made Irish Soda Bread and it reminded me so much of my days in Ireland with my Galway girls!  We were dirt poor and soda bread was super cheap, so we indulged and gained some poundage.  Heck yea!  Irish people rock!  This little cutie is a little over a month old and he was such a good little model for his mama on her birthday!  She wanted to get some pictures of him, so I set up my lights and backdrop for her.  She provided the pot of god and the adorable little man!!

Happy Birthday, Heather!  

It was a busy weekend, but it was a fun weekend!  I love weekends that are filled with friends and family and this weekend was exactly that!  Happy St. Joseph's Day!

Much love.

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