Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Joy Dare

March 20th: Three Gifts That Made You Laugh
Oh heavens, I chuckle on a daily basis for lots of reasons.

First, my unique sense of humor that only I seem to find funny!  Its a gift to laugh at yourself and boy o boy do I have it!  Thank God because if I couldn't laugh at all my craziness, Id be one miserable person.

Second, my orange rhythm dress.  Holy Cow that thing is competition for a neon colored car wash.  Its basically a bathing suit top with orange fringe and some tacky beading.  I shudder and a laugh just thinking about it.   This weekend when I dance in it, I will hold my head proud and not bat an eye when I blind someone by the color or the fringe.  Haha!

Third, my Irish Catholic Granny.  While she isnt physically on Earth anymore, my memories of her put a smile on my face and a laughter in my heart.  She had so many little tendencies that made me roll my eyes, but now they are so endearing, slightly crazy, but all in all hilariously adorable!  Yes, she pinched cheeks, worried about what everyone else thought about her, how she would be perceived, what the neighbors were doing, and what her grandkids were up to.  She smacked her lips when she ate, always used her fingers to pick at her food, could drink coffee anytime of day (Thats my kind of gal)  and always said Oh Oh Oh in a high pitched voice.  One day, I hope my grandkids think about me and laugh because they love my crazy side. 

What are three gifts that have made you laugh lately?
Much love. 

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