Monday, March 18, 2013

First Birthday Cake Smash!!

This weekend I had the honor of taking pictures of my very first CAKE SMASH!  Little Miss Avery is the most adorable brown eyed one year old!  She just makes me heart melt!  Her facial expressions are priceless and her calm demeanor instantly soothes those around her!  She is just a beautiful little light!  Children are amazing and make this world a better place!  

Love. Love. Love.

I'm a big girl now!

The first few tastes.  Yum!

I'm so funny!

Being dirty doesn't make her happy.  She's a princess!

She was sharing with J-man aka my little helper!

Mama, I'm dirty. 

All Clean!  Those eyes are precious!
I am so thankful for my friends who let me experiment my photography with them.  It's really quite a blessing to have such easy going people who are totally cool with homemade setups and experimental photography.  I am still learning my camera, angles, lighting, editing, and the list goes on, but with each passing photo taken, I feel a bit more confident in my ability.  

Much love. 

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