Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thoughts about 2012

2012 was filled with change, as are most years, but some more than others.  Lots of good happened, but I didn't handle the changes well mentally and it definitely has left its toll.  I am really strongly hoping and praying that 2013 is better for me mentally and emotionally. 

Here are the ups from 2012,
  • I started dancing with Arthur Murray and competed in DC!  This was Very Good, actually Amazing for me!
  • I went from unemployed gal with her masters to an employed gal!  I was in need of something to occupy my time, but as with most jobs, the first 6 months are spent learning the dynamic of the office, what people really mean by certain questions, what your job really is, etc.  Those 6 months are over (Thank God!) and I am finally enjoying my job.  Working full time has also put a toll on my family. I leave before Ryan, get home after him.  It's a change from being a graduate student, that's for sure.  I'd take being a grad student any day of the week...if only I could earn a living that way :)
  • I ran my first 8k race, 8k sand run and 5k mud run. 
  • Little man started CCD.  He is on his way to being baptized!
  • Ryan and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. 
I already posted my 2013 resolutions and I will achieve them, but throughout the year, I need to work on living in the moment and just enjoying life.  My life is amazing!  I need to quit the worrying and just live in the moment and soak it all up. 
Much love.

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