Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

{Christmas Eve}
Christmas Eve started out at my Gramma's nursing home.
In true beloved cousin fashion, Jared was dared to eat a jalapeno and he did.
This picture depicts the pain.
Don't worry, I gave him bread and water after snapping this photo.
Second cousins scheming!

Great Gramma and little man!

She handed cards out to each and every person.
7 children
14 grandchildren
4 great grandchildren
She was surrounded by lots of love!
Gramma, hubby and I.

Me, little man, my nephew and my mom!
Three generations!

Gramma with her daughter Carol! 
I absolutely adore this picture!
It screams LOVE!

After the nursing home where we ate appetizers, exchanged gifts with Gramma and downed 4 bottles of sparkling cider, we headed back to my parent's house where there was more food, wine, and SANTA!
Santa was played by my brother Tom!
Here's some brotherly love!

Here's some brother sister love!
Bonnie was sick on Christmas Eve and confined to her bedroom, but we make exceptions for Santa!

Me and Santa!
I think he's tickling me.
That's what happens when Santa has a few beers and determined to be hilarious and quite memorable.  Oh family...I love 'em!

Great Grandkids being absolutely adorable.

{Christmas Morning}
Little man woke up at 5:30, but waited until 7:26am to wake us up because Pop Pop told him 7:30, no earlier!  I was already awake because I am still a kid at heart and I was super excited for Christmas morning! 
We headed over to my parent's side, little man's eyes covered, and woke up Pop Pop and the rest of the family.  My brother Mike was puking, so he stayed in his bedroom all day.
Before heading out to see if Santa came, we sang Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!
Pops is belting it! Hell yea!

These are the faces I love!

She got her T. Swift and Bieber Believe CDs!

A fishing vest!

I'm cool. really. cool.
Believe it.

Workout pants, camera purse, OR shell jacket...
An hour later and I was down for the count just like my siblings. 
To bed I went and bed I stayed for a good 24 hours.
While it was an ill stricken Christmas, it was a family filled Christmas and that's what holidays are all about for me.
I hope your Christmas was absolutely perfect!
Much love.


  1. Wow your Grandma looks amazing!! You have such an adorable family :)

    Happy New Year to you all!


    1. Thank you! Happy New Year to you too!!

  2. Oh, sorry you were sick! The pics with your Gramma are priceless though :)

    1. It happens. At least I was surrounded by family :)
      My Gramma is a sweet and very strong lady! I love her dearly and was so happy she was able to celebrate with us!


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