Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013! {Resolutions Edition}

I've been thinking of what resolutions I really want to make for the year of 2013 since about halfway through 2012.  Some of them I have been working on, others I have been saving for the new year, all are important to me and will be accomplished.
{1} Attend my college Homecoming with my best friends, Sarah and Delia, and hopefully a whole slew of friends.  I haven't been to a single homecoming since I graduated and I miss my old stomping grounds. 
{2} Run a half marathon with my best friend in a city somewhere between Virginia Beach and Detroit because those are the two locals that we are currently residing.  I love excuses to see my bestie!  I've already signed up for the Virginia Beach Rock N Roll Half Marathon, so this one is getting accomplished!  The only catch is how well I will actually do. 
{3} Complete another mud run or color me rad...basically a fun run for a cause and a good excuse to get really dirty!  I'm still a kid at heart!
{4} Catch more sunrises.  I want to get my sleep loving booty out of bed and head to the beach with a coffee in hand and a camera slung over my should to catch some beautiful sunrises!  I think this will be good for me mentally. 
{5} Graduate Bronze II in ten dances and compete in the DC Freestyles this spring!
{6} Be calmer, less paranoid, and generally happier.  I'm not going into detail, but I need work in these areas.  The past few years have put a toll on my mental and emotional calmness and joy of life and I absolutely hate it, so, I AM CHANGING IT. Period.
{7} Instill some efficiency to the chores  - I am thinking a load of laundry a day, dusting on Tuesdays, Vacuuming on Thursdays, bathrooms on Saturdays or something...I feel as if I spend my weekends cleaning and contrary to popular belief, I do NOT love to clean.  Do I make the best of it? Yes. Is it how I want to spend my down time? No.
Any advice is much appreciated.
{8} Read 24 books this year - 2 per month - and blog about them. 

{9} Floss every single day...I am not the best at this :(

{10) Go on a real vacation to somewhere exotic, not to visit family. (Family, I love you, but I know you understand the need for a vacation vacation.)
My resolutions from last year are still in place.  I've been praying, dancing, crafting and embracing life!  Now it's time to add some new challenges to the mix and succeed with flying colors!
I hope this year brings  you and your loved ones many blessings.
Yours Truly
Much love.


  1. I need to make a chore schedule as well, that is an area that I do not currently succeed in!

    Love your list, so many are so much fun and I'm sure will bring you a happy 2013 :)

    1. Thanks! A chore list is a must. I've done them before, it's just sticking to them that I am not great at. lol

  2. If you go to homecoming, let me know!! I want to tag along. I always want to go, but I'm scared I won't know anyone there. I'm only an hour away.

    24 books! That's a challenge! Do you have an ereader? I feel like what gets me is the price of books and access (the library has an ok selection, but never the stuff I really want to read). I just started my first book for the new year though.

    I need to be better with flossing. I just get so tired before bed...

    1. I will definitely let you know about homecoming! Sarah B. and I will be going (She's in DC, so we will be driving north).

      Yes, I have an kindle. It's great because there are tons of free kindle books on amazon and the library I belong to has ebooks for rental. I am a huge library girl. I rarely buy books. If you are looking for a good book, try The Outlander by Diana G.

      I'm fried at bedtime too.

  3. Great list! I am bad at flossing too!


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