Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm that Girl...

That goes to the bathroom a million times a day…literally.
That talks to her puppy like she’s a human.
That blares the radio while driving.
That wears legwarmers and short shorts all winter long
That eats nuts and berries for lunch.
That can’t quote a movie for the life of her.
That adores a love story.
That loves the sky…morning, noon and night.  Love it.
That mows her lawn in shorts and cowboy boots.
That has a green thumb thanks to her mama & papa.
That cries far too easily.
That laughs at corny jokes.
That works at a coffee company….not Starbucks…they are competition. Boo.
That is a Daddy’s girl to a T.
That loves to drive with the sunroof open and the heat blasting in the middle of winter.
That has really dry skin in the winter.
That cleans to stay calm.
That eats peanut butter from the jar.
That craves foot massages on an hourly basis.
That loves to tickle people.  Seriously, I have a problem.
(I actually gave up tickling my husband for New Years.  He’s happy.  I’m struggling.)
That escapes into a different world when she dances.
That hands down loves being a student & learning & the world of academia.
That cares what others think of her.
That strives to make others happy.
That speed walks all the time.
That plans, plans, plans, plans, plans.
That can forget everything when she reads a good book.
That cries when the good book is over.
That loves Philadelphia.
That dreams of traveling the world and having abs…anything’s possible in a dream.
That loves her family unconditionally.
That sings out loud to store music.

I’m that girl.

What girl (or boy) are you?
I saw this on Wifestyles blog  and loved it! 
Much love.

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