Thursday, January 10, 2013

Coffee Talk #16: Randomocity

It's Coffee Talk Time with Nat at 23Seventeen!  Happy Thursday!  One more day and this first full work week in a few weeks will finally be over.  Praise the Lord! 

Would you rather have a pen pal or an email pal?
Mmm…there are benefits to both.

Email Pals have a quick response time and are much more conversational, but…

Photo taken and edited by Chloe Sherman Pepe
I adore the anticipation of receiving a handwritten and decorated letter in the mail.  The time and creativity put into pen pal letters are treasures.  Everyone’s handwriting is different…it tells a story.  I write letters often and enjoy it, so I am going to have to say that pen pals are my favorite!!

When my husband was deployed, he wrote me a letter a day.  Were they all mushy, gushy amazingness, heck no!  Were they all from the heart and with good intent, heck yea!  Now I have them to hold and to smell and to cherish forever!

What are you wearing at this exact moment?

Bluish-Purple turtle neck shirt from Banana Republic
Brown button-up sweater
Brown pencil skirt
Nude stockings
Brown heels
I’m at work…  

When you are sick, how do you handle it?

Leave me alone.
I like to sleep and handle my illness by myself. 
If you make me hot tea, I will accept it.
Oh and if you want to massage my feet, I will accept that as well.
Cuddling and all that isn’t my sick style.
I fear infecting others.


to be a better person.
to be happier.
to be creative.
to be true to myself.
to be confident who I am.
to reconnect with the me I love....the me pictured below.

Photo taken and edited by Chloe Sherman Pepe

Movie you are excited to see this year????

These are all from 2012 because I don’t know what movies are coming out in 2013.  Oops.  I just saw Les Mis (and it was A-Mazing), so my list now includes Lincoln, Breaking Dawn Part II, and the Hobbit.

Much love.


  1. Your outfit sounds adorable!!!!

    I have been wanting to see Les Mis too!! I love hearing Anne Hathaway sing!

    And you sound like a grumpy person when you are sick! Although I do.. too... ask to be rubbed and babied HAHA!

  2. Hey, Sarah :)
    You know what is so funny? One of my students needed to study for the spelling bee and she comes up to me and asks, What word is that?
    It was the word TINKERER. I was like, it's Tinkerer. She says, that's not a word! I was like, YES IT! Anyway that was yesterday's convo and I click on your blog and it says, TINKERER :D Love it!
    Anyway, I loved reading your answers especially about what you are... Inspired :D Great! Keep being inspired so you can inspire others!

  3. i am the same way when i am sick,just let me be but if you bring me something or offer me something i guess i will take it :)

    happy thursday!

  4. You are right, Les Mis was wonderful! I could have done without Amanda Seyfreid, but the rest was awesome.

    I don't know why, I just have never favored her. Huh.

    Anyway, popped over from Coffee Talk to say hi!

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle

  5. I'm with you, there's just something fun about receiving a letter in the mail!


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