Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekend through Instagram

 {Thursday Evening}
Trivia night with the gang and this little cutie!
Yes, we bring babies to bars.
Well, restaurants with bars.
This little one loves all the attention she gets from her adopted aunties!

We give her lemons to watch her face go all crazy.
And she always goes back for me!
Crazy kiddo!
I worked.
Then I danced the night away.
It was glorious!
The dancing part.
It was a mock NYE party.
I wore my purple and diamond dress.
It was awesome!!
We went to the park as a family!
It was a bit chilly, but sunny!
I'll take crisp and sunny any day over the overcast.
Little man loves the monkey bars.
And he rocks them.
It's quite impressive.
There is goes!
This little lady is a cutie!
Saturday Afternoon I wore this snazzy shirt to the movies.
Yes, I went to the movies.
Not just any movie theater.
The Cinebistro
It's been over a year.
Julia and I saw Les Mis.

I slept in.
It was glorious.
Once I got my lazy booty out of bed...
I took down the Christmas decorations.

What doesn't belong in that picture?
The little black fluffy puppy that is curled up with the ornaments.
She has to be by me at all times.
Love her!
Sunday afternoon was filled with books and walks.
Barnes & Noble was visited.
The lake was visited.
Sunday evening we went to Church.
Little man collected all the books after Mass.
Then we went to dinner.
Afterwards, we watched Once Upon at Time.
Family time rocks!
Yup! We are cool!

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