Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Late Twenties

Happy Birthday to Me!
Thank you Mom and Dad for falling in love and celebrating Valentine's Day! 
Nine months later your Sarah Catherine was born and she loves you more and more with each passing day!  You are amazing parents and I am stoked to see you on my birthday!!  Having my birthday near a major holiday is a blessing because I will forever be home for Thanksgiving and be able to see you near my birthday!  It makes my day all the sweeter!
I've always been a little weird...ok, a lot weird.

These glasses are fake. I just thought they were cool. Wow, was I wrong :)
 I've always had wonderful fashion sense!

That smile just melts your heart, doesn't it?!
 I am my father's daughter!

I'm a ham! Always striking a pose!
Well, I guess I am officially in my late 20's... I don't really dig the late part of it, so I'm just going to say I'm 27.  I still look in the mirror in the morning before make-up and think Wow, you don't look old enough to drink and it's true I think because I get carded for everything.  For the record, I am 100% ok with that. 
This past year has been pretty significant for me.  I lost some weight and got in much better shape.  I started dance lessons and have fallen completely head over heels in love with dancing, the instructors and the other students!  It's amazing!  I ran my first race and enjoyed it, so I ran a few more.  I actually enjoy running now.  Between the dancing and running, I am feeling much more confident in my appearance and I am feeling much stronger.  It's pretty awesome! 
My confidence level has increased significantly.  I know who I am, what I believe in and what I am capable of.  I truly believe that moving to Virginia without knowing anyone and getting my masters degree have helped me become much more secure in the woman I am. 
You were an awesome year!
Let's make this year even better than last year!  I want to run my first half marathon with my best friend, complete the tough mudder with my brothers, improve my dance skills significantly, catch more sunrises with my coffee in hand and stroll along the beach while the sunsets on occassion as well. 
Much love.

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