Thursday, November 22, 2012

Coffee talk: Week 11...Drinks

Coffee Talk with Natalie over at OhEmGeeBlog!
The theme of this post is drinking habits, and I'm not talking about water, although water is my main beverage choice. Well, water and coffee. The timing is quite perfect given that today, Thanksgiving, is the day after the biggest drinking day of the year and I just so happen to bring my family a couple bottles of wine and four beers called Skull Splitter.  They are supposed to be amazing, so we will see!
Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope you and yours loved ones are celebrating together!

What is your favorite drink called? What are the ingredients in it?

This isn’t as easy as it sounds because my drink choice is strongly impacted on my current mood and the weather outside, so let’s do this seasonally…

Winter: I grab for a Shiraz or Menagerie by… 

Spring: Alpine Spring beer by Sam Adams or a dry Riesling

Summer: Bud Lite Lime with lots of lime or watermelon sangria

Fall: I start to get back into my wines and ciders with rum

Recipe will be Watermelon Sangria:

You’ll need:
Seedless watermelon
1 orange
1 lemon
2 limes
1 can of Sanpellogrino Lemon soda
1 bottle of dry white wine
Puree the watermelon
strain into pitcher
chop fruit
mix all ingredients
let chill for 2 hours, enjoy!
 How old were you when you first got drunk?

19 years old.  Second semester of college.  I was a good girl until then.

Name an embarrassing moment about you or your friends that occurred while drinking.

Oh Lord.  I’d rather not.  These are stories that need to be told in person.  I’ll let pictures document these moments instead of words.  This night was fun, but boy o boy were we feeling it until well into the next day. 

What is your favorite party drinking game?

Beer Pong for sure!  My bestie and I used to rock it…the more we drank, the better we got!

Are you a happy drunk? Sad drunk? Sleepy drunk? Paranoid drunk? or other?

This one depends on what I am drinking and my general mood, but I would say when drinking with friends, I am happy and emotional.  I’m not an angry or mean drunk, that’s for sure.  Paranoid…depends on where we are, but generally I am confident.  Happy and emotional are my dominant demeanors when drunk.

Are you a hard drinker (straight liquor, shots, etc.)? Fruity drinker (daiquiris, mixers, etc)? not a drinker at all? or Other

Other.  I don’t drink to get drunk, I don’t take shots very often, and fruity drinks tend to make me feel sick.
I am the sip on wine and talk my face off or dance my booty off kind of drinker.  I could write a paper, study for a test (and pass), clean up the house, cook, etc. when I drink…on average.  Are there times I get crazy? Yes.  Are they rare occurrences? Yes.  I like to be in control of myself, but I also like to loosen up and have a glass or two of wine with friends.
Much love.

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