Sunday, November 18, 2012


Mine are short.
They stick straight out.
Mascara is my saving grace.
Honestly, if I didn't wear mascara I would get asked how is High School going much more often than I already do.  Yes, I was asked that a few weeks ago.  Really?  I am still shocked.  I don't look that I? 
Little man's lashes on the other hand are so freaking long. I could cut them in half and they would still be longer than mine.  Ugh.  He's a boy.  He doesn't need long lashes.  What's up with dudes have sweet long lashes?  Since he was gifted with beautiful lashes, he became my photography subject this afternoon.  Lucky him!  I thoroughly enjoy macro photography, so I indulged this afternoon. 

Much love.


  1. I think you mean macro photography. ;) That's when you get really close to your subject.

    Anyway, I think dudes have awesome, thick eyelashes because they leave them alone! We are constantly gooping them up and then removing the goop and I think that makes us lose lashes faster than guys.

    1. That's the econ major in my coming out. Micro...small picture. Macro...big picture. I knew it was macro, but as I was typing, I second guessed myself. Thanks!

      You are probably right about dudes and lashes. Never really thought of it that way.

  2. Photo #3 is my fave! It's awesome when a little boy in the double digits will humor you for some photos, haha.

    1. I couldn't agree more!! I love it when he humors me and lets me take pictures of him. Generally I have to either do it quickly or make it an entertainment session i.e. climbing trees, fishing, etc. I love #3 as well!


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