Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Flashback!!

Happy Halloween!!
I love this holiday so very much!
So, I've decided to show you a little bit of me through the years on this glorious day! 
I apologize for the quality of these pictures, they are photos of photos because they were all taken before the digital age.
*I'm kind of in shock that I can say that.

My brother and I.  He's a Bumble Bee and I am Mini!  Homemade costumes of course :)  

This year I was Daisy Duck. 
My Donald wasn't in my life for quite some time after this, but I promise you, one day I will get my Donald to wear yellow tights and a stuffed pillowcase for a tail!
I have other costume photos, but I am having difficulty uploading pictures, so two will have to do for this year.  Happy Halloween!!  If you have kiddos, embrace the holiday with them!  Make it a wonderful memory to dress up, trick or treat and be crazy fun!!  Be a kid!  It's totally worth it and one of the main reasons I love Halloween so much!  I'll be trick or treating with my little zombie tonight :)

Much love.


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