Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween 2012: Black Swan

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!
Thinking of a creative costume is the most challenging part,
but this year I think I succeeded. 
Making the costume is super fun!
Play the part is hands down the best aspect of Halloween!
If you are going to dress up, go all out.
My attempt at a pose...totally incorrect probably, but I tried.
Love this "Swan" pose

Love the eyes
Black and white
Prim & Proper
I can still do a leg extension!!  Yay!
My face.
I am in love with my eye makeup.
I won the "most original" costume at the Dance Halloween Party on Friday!
On Saturday, my dance studio and I danced along the Wicked 10k. 
We did Gangham Style and the runners loved it!!
What are you being this Halloween?
Do you make your costumes?
Much love.


  1. This is awesome! I love it!!

    1. Thanks! I loved making it and wearing it!

  2. i'm impressed with your sewing skills!

  3. Sarah, You look AMAZING!!!! Great job!!! Love you, Mom

    1. Thanks Mom! I felt really pretty in a scary way. Neat feeling!


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