Wednesday, October 31, 2012

You know you are old when…

You get excited about renting a CARPET CLEANER for the day. 

Yup, this Sunday I will be cleaning my carpets and I am actually excited!  The landlord will be happy too.  I plan on renting one from Home Depot for $29 for the day.  Pretty good deal in my opinion.  I’m sure I will have to purchase cleaning liquid and then dedicate a few hours to the actual cleaning process, but it still beats spending $200+ on a professional cleaning.  I will not be moving furniture because the furniture hasn’t moved since we moved in and it won’t be moving until we move out.  At that point I am required by contract to have the carpets professional cleaned…even though I don’t think the previous renters hired a quality carpet cleaning company… 
I intend on moving tables and chairs into rooms without carpet, but and putting foil around wooden legs of objects that can’t be moved, but aside from that I don’t really know what to do…luckily, I am pretty good at reading and following directions.  Has anyone every rented a carpet cleaner from Home Depot?  Any suggestions on the best method to quickly and smoothly clean your carpets? 
Much love.


  1. No real suggestions from me, since I used to just go outside while my mom cleaned the carpets growing up. But I wanted to chime in and say you're good at reading and following directions because you're a woman. Drives me nuts when guys won't read how to use things!

    1. You crack me up! Women are WAY better at reading and following directions, that's for sure!

  2. Well you can buy a wet vac for around $100 bucks from walmart. That's what we did and we get so much use out of it. I actually was just using it to get spots off our staircase! Ours even came with a sample bottle of soap.

    1.) Do it when everyone is out or in bed. It must completely dry before you walk on it or the carpet will turn black. I do it at night for this reason.

    2.) Leave a path for yourself to exit the room. Start at the back of the room and work the vacuum towards the exit so you don't trap yourself.

    3.) I always do it barefoot.

    Good luck!

    1. Wow. Thank you. What kind of wet vac did you get? Do you recommend it?

  3. Bissell Powersteamer. Not sure if they still make it, but there should be a good selection around $100.


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