Friday, October 26, 2012

Hurricane Sandy.

For concerned family and friends, we will be fine through hurricane Sandyif she even hits.  Now that I have written that, she will knock us off our feet like Sandy did to Danny in Grease!  
Our windows are still taped from last yearor was it the year before?!  No, it was last year.  Why take it down when its clear and you never see it through the curtains or blinds?  We still have water from last years hurricane scare as well.  I have plenty of wine and nonperishable food to sustain mental sanity and physical health through power outages and too much time stuck inside.  Flashlights, candles, board games, friends are all on hand and completely vital!  Ill be sure to take pictures!!  Yay!  Fingers crossed the tunnels close so that work and school is canceled! 
Ok.  In all seriousness, we will be totally fine.  Thanks for the concerned texts and calls. 
Much love.

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