Monday, September 17, 2012

Luna Moth

On Saturday, I was working in the garage when I noticed this beauty chillin on my mint plant.  I had no idea what kind of moth it was until looking it up.  Apparently, it is a Luna Moth.  They are slightly endangered in some parts of the world, only fly at night, die shortly after mating and are bright green caterpillars. Their bodies are quite large and almost furry. 

Thoughts?  Do you think it is as pretty as I do?  Would you have run from it screaming or would you have run for your camera and called the kiddos and hubby to see it?
Much love.


  1. I think they're pretty. We saw some mating last 4th of July and I was astonished at how big they were.

    1. I think they are pretty as well! Seeing them mating would be soo cool! Their size amazes me!


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