Monday, September 17, 2012

Mondays & A Little Bucket List.

You are so not a Funday.

Mondays have never been my favorite day of the week for the obvious reasons, work, school, getting up early, etc.  But they are really not fun when it’s still dark outside and my alarm goes off.  You know a few months back when I was talking about how nice it is to get up before the rest of the house and go for a run?  Well, those days are over.  I can’t run in the dark. Well, technically I can run in the dark, but the sane part of me won’t run in the dark.  If I am going to run in the morning, I am going to have to rekindle a relationship with the horrible treadmill. 

I fall on treadmills.
Then I have scabbed knees.
Totally not pretty.
My knees are ugly as they are.
ACL reconstruction does that.
I could be more careful…
Pay more attention to me feet placement…
Actually pick my feet up…
Heck, I am making excuses. 
I need to get back into this running thing.
And mornings are best.
Ugh, this is going to stink.
So, as I think you can gather, I need to start running again.  I have an 8k run for Ovarian Cancer and a 5k Mud Run coming up that I need to actually do well in. 

Bucket List time…

1. Run.
2. Make a skirt from the sweet black and white striped fabric I bought last weekend! With whatever is left over, I will be making pillows for my bed!
3. Edit pictures of this crazy moth I saw over the weekend.  You will see them soon and think Holy Cow!  What is that thing?! Because that’s what I thought when I saw it and then proceeded to run inside for my camera!
4. Figure out all the Christmas presents that I will be making.  I have a good list so far, but I really need to firm it up and get a legit plan in place for completing all the crafting.  Yes, I know it’s still September, but working fulltime and having a pretty busy life makes planning ahead completely necessary. 
5. Finish the book Finding Ben. 
Happy Monday…
Much love.


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