Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kelly Clarkson for $10...Umm, Yes Please

Music is powerful. 
Fresh air is essential.
Great friends are priceless.
Together they make for as perfect evening.
Watching the sky turn from beautiful hues of pink and orange to pitch black speckled with white stars…and an occasional Navy jet…while listening to Kelly Clarkson sing with the utmost passion was how my evening was spent last night.  It was perfect.  We all escaped into the music, talked about how perfect the weather was, actually felt chilly for the first time in month, sang to every song and lived in the moment.  It wasn’t an easy day being 9/11 and married to military men, but it was a day and moment we will remember for quite some time.   
Kelly has pipes.  She looked great, had a ton of energy, and sang her heart out!  It was obvious that after 10 years of performing, she still loves what she does.  It’s beautiful.  Definitely a great first concert for Hannah!
The entire arena had a sense of calm.  There were lots of families and groups of girl friends who obviously were out to have a nice evening.  The only thing that bothered me about her concert was that she didn’t mention 9/11 once.  Not a moment of silence, not a God Bless America, not a patriotic song…nothing.
The jets flying over were a constant reminder of that day 11 years ago and the battle we are still fighting today.  I am proud of our military.  Very proud.  They are good men and women with a sense of loyalty that is compared by no other, especially our special forces.  
Much love.

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