Friday, September 14, 2012

Busy Body.

My life has been a whirlwind of change for the past 3+ years, but instead of hating it, it has become a way of life.  A comfortable way of life at that.  I am good at being busy, but I am not the best at embracing change, unless it is for the better or easy.  I’m not horrible at it; I’m just not a pro.  Being busy helps me come to grips with change…the uncontrollable.  I have a hard time understanding why in a sea of uncertainty, someone wouldn’t want to keep their mind and body busy.  If I am unsure or nervous about something, the purging, cleaning, crafting, go-go-go Sarah emerges.  She came to the forefront last night.  I’m redoing the office.
I’m not talking about moving existing furniture around and cleaning, I’m talking about making an L-shaped desk from doors, painting the desk, painting chairs, purging magazines, books, paperwork, fabric, arts and crafts, pictures, everything.  The office will look like a new room when I am done with it and I am really excited!  Through this process, Jared will get a desk in his room.  This is something that he needs.  Doing his homework at the kitchen table is no longer effective.  He needs to be in a quiet place without distractions.  Fingers crossed the novelty of a desk helps him get his homework done faster and more efficiently. 
I don’t know if life is changing now or if I am just worried about the future.  I think the latter is more realistic.  Nothing is in stone, nothing can be in stone.  Jobs are constant…for now.  We are renting when we really wish we owned.  Jared will need to switch schools next year because I don’t approve of the middle school in the area.  The holidays are around the corner and I have this goal of making all of the Christmas presents…that’s a huge task when you are one of 6, have 2 sets of in-laws, and a huge extended family.  Pinterest, I think we are going to be good friends in the coming months. 
Maybe my need to purge, reorganize, etc stems from my brain being overwhelmed and a jumbled mess…if my house is in order than all will be well in the world.  A clean home is a happy mind…just maybe that is the key to this maze, just maybe.
A glass of wine and a good workout outside never hurt to clear my mind either. J
How do you handle uncertainty or being overwhelmed with life?
Much love.


  1. i hate uncertainty and change. and like you, lately it's consuming me. i don't handle it, so i have no advice there, but when you find out please let me know <3

  2. I used to be a go, go, go type, but school burnt me out and hubs tamed me a bit ;)
    I think night shift has also zapped my energy, lol. So more recently I do the avoidance thing...not good with a baby on the way and nothing prepared for the arrival. It'll get done though.

    I am excited to see this desk you're making, please post pics!

    1. It's in the works as I write this! Pictures will be posted once its done :)

  3. Hmmm, uncertainty and change...embrace it!! (But one day at a time!) I find thinking about an unknown future can be overwhelming; however, change can be exciting. Taking it all a day at a time removes the worry about what may or may not be happening in the future and lets you enjoy the new and challenging present. I agree with Ania; I want to see pictures of the desk! I love you, my dynamo Sarah! XXOO Mom

    1. Thanks, Mom! Love you! I'll post pictures for sure. I just have to finish it. Without dads help and massive amount of tools, this project hasn't been the easiest.

  4. I think your desk idea is brilliant. It definitely won't be a source of homework motivation FOREVER, but it should be enough to give him an extra push for awhile. I know it did for me when I got my first desk as a kid!

    You're much better at the go-go-go than I am, but I've been trying out new dessert recipes the last couple weeks and have found that the extra little activity on the weekends helps distract me from the unpleasantness of a changing life. You do what you must to get through the days and life will happen one way or the other.

    Oh, and I agree with Ania: please post pictures of your finished project(s)!

  5. I made those Rolo cookies!! They were a hit!! Thanks for sharing them on your blog :)
    Jared was super stoked to help make them too!

  6. Yes! Rolo cookies make the world a better place.


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