Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend Happenings

This weekend I headed to my parent's house with my puppy as my companion. She was a trooper as always...especially after a traumatizing vet appointment.  She flattens when she knows she's going into the vet and literally gives me puppy eyes.  Oh Lord, it's hard to handle.  I just want to grab her and run the opposite direction.  She has a clean bill of health!

Since I won't be home for my little sister's 12th birthday, we celebrated by getting manicures!  It was her first time and only my 3rd time! 
I went with Friar, Friar I'm on Fire by OPI and I am in love!  It's like fall in a bottle and now on my nails!!  It looks a bit redder than it actually it.  It's a red/orange that just makes me smile every time I look at them :)

The birthday girl got hot pink and then some extra treats in the form of feather paint and sparkles!!  Oh heavens she was a happy one! 
She's a cutie! 
After we got our nails done and were feeling all sassy, we headed to Dunkin Donuts request of the birthday girl and got Coffee (oh beloved coffee) and donuts for the two of us and Gramma!  My Gramma is in a nursing home. She can't feel from her waist down, but heavens she still has spunk in that head of hers and an appetite!  Two things I am grateful for and truly appreciate about her!  She always knows what to say and she never turns down desert!

It was a family affair!  My mom, dad and niece all met us up there.  I gave Gramma hand massages and we talked about dancing and family members, sea turtles following the moon and getting manicures, college and going away speeches, and the list goes on.  She looks worlds better from the last time I saw her, thank the Lord!  She's my last gramma on my side of the family and I really really want to have her around for as long as possible.  She is one of, if not, the strongest women I know. 
Going home is never complete with a walk.  Home is so relaxing for me.  Enjoy some photos of where I grew up.
The neighboring farm.

Corn fields and "the hill" that we dreaded biking up as kids :)

I love grass.
This is me playing with my camera. 
The sun was strong. 

Ink berries!
Quick little story.  When I was younger (8ish) and idolized my older brother, we were out picking berries in my new, super cool, jean coveralls.  I came back and was covered in ink.  My brother told me he knew how to fix it so that mom wouldn't get mad.  Mistake number one was trusting my BROTHER to fix CLOTHING.  He proceeded to tie dye my overalls with bleach.  I ended up having purple, jean and white overalls.  Like mom wouldn't notice that.  LOL.  Me being the little girl I was, I thought they were the coolest things in the entire world because my brother made them.  Looking back, I just shake my head and smile.

Small town pride!
We are getting a new bridge!!  It has been closed for years and adds 5 minutes to our drive to church and school.  The new bridge is to the left, the old bridge is to the right with the "Road Closed" sign.  Big difference, eh?

Here is a picture of the creek I grew up on.  It's really low...

The non documented part of my weekend involves my best friend and a high fashion scarecrow photo shoot!  Sarah i.e. best friend, came in from Detroit, dropped off my wedding dress because she wore it for her wedding, and we headed to Philly!  It was glorious!  We drank Pumpkin Ale, talked about college things and enjoyed being in the city that helped mold our wonderful friendship!
The high fashion scarecrow photo shoot was for a friend.  I modeled in a cobalt blue dress, big hair, crazy colorful make-up and red high heels in a field of corn.  Once the photos are edited, I will be sure to put some on here with a link to her website.  She's one talented lady!  Love her! 
Much love.


  1. sounds like an amazing weekend and your home town looks similar to mine. gotta love cornfields and farmland. although i didn't grow up near either i live close and see them often. can't wait to see the pics!

  2. Love that nail color! Your Gramma seems so sweet!


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