Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Little Doll

My niece...
I love her.

This should be the last photo, but I am having a hard time reordering the photos, so I'll just start off with the STOP TAKING PICTURES picture.

Kids say the darndest things.
Especially this one.
For example:
That man is weird.
(Said right in front of the man. LOL.  Luckily Pop Pop immediately followed that up with "Am I weird?" Casey "Yup!" Pop Pop "Is Sarah weird? Are you weird?"  Casey "Oh yea!")
I was changing while she was sitting on my be and she points to me and says...
You have a tiny butt.
I have a tiny butt too.
Thank you darling!  I love you!

This is my favorite photo of her!  Love her face, scab and all!

She tells people what she thinks. 
If she thinks you look pretty, you know it.
If she thinks you should have more than one ring on, you know that too.
If she doesn't want to change, you know.
Luckily, Auntie Sarah is pretty good at coaxing little girls to do as she wishes.
Tickles, finger counting, ring playing, and walks are my main tricks.

Oh she is a cutie!

Much love.

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