Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The sky

Mr. Sky…Mrs. Sky…The Sky…
The sky is always putting a show on for me.  Yesterday while at work the clouds looked like paper cutouts.   It was crazy.  My boss is lucky my back faces the window because I could have watched that storm roll in for hours.  I had to settle for a quick glance now and then.
On my drive home from Philly, I stopped and took a few pictures of the storm rolling in over the Chesapeake Bay.  They aren’t the magnificent sunset photos that I plan to capture this week/end, but they definitely depict the awesomeness that is The Sky. 

Many people take the sky for granted or just don’t notice the sky, but I am not one of them.  I always notice the stars, the moon, the puffiness or thinness of the clouds, the blueness of a crystal clear day, the vibrant hues of orange, pink and purple at sunset, the softness of a sunset, and the feeling that the sky is portraying.

More posts to come. 

Much love.


  1. ooooooooooo.... The sky is sooo dark and scary! I am so sick of all this rain!

    1. I know! I will be posting some bright blue skies soon :) And I'm really hoping to catch some sunsets this week!


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