Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Weekend Fun

Family parties for any reason are wonderful, but family parties to celebrate a little brother’s accomplishments and future accompanied by an emotional speech from my dad, are absolutely perfection.  We prepped for the party all day long…cleaning, cooking, running to the store for last minute supplies, hanging graduation decorations, making the perfect playlist, setting up tables and chairs in a fashion that forces everyone to be close together, praying the rain would hold off, and finally getting showered and changed just in time to greet the first guest…with your hair still wet…is the way my family rocks when it comes to parties.  The pre-party prepping may be stressful, but once the first guest arrives, the stress is shoved out the door and the realization of what’s done is done and what isn’t doesn’t need to be.  All is good when surrounded by loved ones. 

**Yummy fruit salad.  It was perfection to my lips.**
A margarita in hand and I was ready to entertain…or just relax and chat my head off, which is exactly what I did.  It wasn’t my party, which was nice, but it was my family and lots of close friends, so I took full advantage of having everyone so close.  Early evening turned into late evening which turned into candlelight talks and a beautiful toast by my father.  He has a way with words.  He toasted my brother and emotionally explained how much he will miss having him by his side on the job every day.  Fathers and sons have a special bond that is different from the traditional daddy’s little girl bond (which I totally have).  It’s a man-to-man respectful bond that is very respected.  My dad spoke about respecting your parents and living your life in a way that would make them proud.  That’s what my dad’s kids do.  He looks at us and knows he did a good job because while we are all different and have made our share of mistakes, we have learned from them and have always maintained a sincere respect for my parents.  They in return have trusted us and loved us unconditionally. 
**That's the only picture I have from the evening...**

My dad started to get choked up halfway through and when my daddy cries, I bawl my eyes out.  Needless to say, I was a blubbering mess.  I love my daddy so much! 
**Random little thing.  I gave my dad a mixed CD that I made and he called me up Monday to tell me he loved it and laughed through lots of the songs.  This little gesture means the world to me.  My dad is a music guru, so to give him a mix that he actually enjoys is a huge thing for me!  Thanks for the call pops!  It literally made my week…probably month!**
Back to the party…my best friend made the drive to my parent’s house and I was soo happy!  You know how friends can just complete you in a way you didn’t even realized you needed completing?  Well, Delia does that for me.  She just knows me and listens and always offers great advice.  We can be so brutally honest in the most loving fashion.  I have never in my life been mad at her.  It’s impossible.  She is just a gift from God.  Thanks for making the drive and talking the night away by candlelight with me.  Love you Dizzle!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
The weekend was jam packed with adventure! I partook in a Tour D’Franzia…you know the boxed wine…  Yea, it was entertaining to say the least.  Basically, you find a little kids bike, ride it around a lap, drink from your Franzia box, ride another lap, drink from your Franzia, etc. until you can no longer pedal…or drink.  I did 20 laps and could have kept going, but the pool was calling my name and I really didn’t want to be a mess by 4pm.  My little shoulder angle told me to stop and I listened.  The little fallen angle was irritated, but hey he dealt. J
We spent lots of time down the creek.  Puppies had play dates, kids swamp and jumped off logs, it was a beautiful weekend to be outside enjoying nature.  As a kiddo I used to live in the creek…tunnel tag, rope swings, rock fights, you name it, we did it.  Gosh, I loved my childhood. 
**Puppy Creek Play Date**
**Neighbor's cows with goofy fly face masks**
**Family hens roaming the property**

To top the weekend off, my parents, hubby and I went to World CafĂ© Live to listen and dance to PhillyBloco!  I wore a fun, sexy purple dress!  (Totally not normally my color.)  My hair was scrunched, eyes were dramatic and black heels were on. 
**Getting ready in my little sister's room**
It was going to be a good night and a good night it was…for me!  I danced and danced and danced and smiled and laughed and danced some more!  Hubby wasn’t too into it, but he knew I was having a ball, so he stayed.  My parents pretty much did exactly what I did…danced and laughed!  They were drinking…I was drinking.  It was cute!  My dad loved the band – he kept dancing with the dancers and the dancers kept trying to pull me onto the dance floor/stage.  It took multiple attempts, but by the end of the night and 3 waters in, I did it…and it was fun!! 
**That's my daddy-o dancing with one of the dancers.  Total ham**

**Philly Bloco**
Good Weekend.  Tired Puppies.
Much love.


  1. looks like a fun weekend, i'll have to try that tour d'franzia sometime! :)

    1. Oh it was fun for sure and the d'franzia is a must!


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