Monday, August 6, 2012

Mini Bucket List

I know I haven't done this in a few weeks...epic fail.  BUT, I am back this week.  Sickness is virtually gone and I am feeling myself again.

This week is a week to focus on communication.  My goals are as follows:

1.       Call my grandmothers.  I have been slacking big time and really need to step up my game.

2.     Mail a “You’ll be ok. I love you!” package to a close friend of mine who needs a little love in her life.  I have it started, but really need to wrap it up and get it in the mail so Mr. Postmaster can do his job.

3.     Run daily.  I have an 8k on SATURDAY. EEEEK!  I think I might die. Not joking. If I do die.  You all are pretty darn cool.  Thanks for reading :)

4.     Communicate better with a certain someone who will remain anonymous.  When you are hurt and feel like you are on completely different pages all the time, it’s a true challenge to communicate in a healthy fashion (for me).  I need to get out of this ugly place I am in. Prayers. Prayers. Prayers.

5. Pray more. Enough said.
Happy Birthday to my Mama, the best Mother a daughter could dream of!  I love you and cherish every moment with you!  Your spunk, passion for life, pure dedication to your family, skinny legs, tiny eyes and undying love for your husband and children are only a few things that make me extremely proud and honored to call you Mom!  xoxo
Much love. 


  1. i'm horrible at calling my grandmothers - i need to do this too!

    1. I used to live with one gramma and visit the other one every Sunday (we took her to Church and breakfast), so I never ever called them. Now that I live far away and I see them less frequently, I have a hard time remembering to call's just not normal for me. I'll do it though!

      I find that mini bucket lists are helpful and make me feel like I actually accomplish something other than cleaning, cooking, going to work, mowing the lawn. lol.


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