Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mug Swap!

Natalie over at natalieblair has created this awesome little thing called a Mug Swap!  Since I love mugs and really love enjoying a Cup o’ Joe or a soul warming cup of tea, this was pretty much the most perfect swap for me!  Thanks to Natalie, Lindsay, over at Three Peas in My Little Pod, and I were linked up!  Lindsay is an awesome, totally hippie-chic Pennsylvania girl!  I’m a born and raised Pennsylvania country girl myself, with some city routes formed in my college and post college years, so I instantly knew I’d love her! 

This mug pretty much says it all…

a)      I currently reside in Virginia.
b)      I am totally a LOVER!  A lover of life, of people, of nature, of crafts, of all that is good. Hearts make me happy! 
c)      My husband is in the military.  Hello, RED, WHITE and BLUE mug!  Oh and I am totally obsessed with the Olympics!  Go USA! 
This is an odd little fact…I never finish my coffee.  There is always a little bit left at the bottom, so the fact that this mug has a heart on the inside, but the upper inside makes me supper happy!  I can enjoy a little heart to heart with my coffee without missing out on the traditional bottom of the mug image.  It’s the little things that make me smile J
Along with the mug, Lindsay included some ADAMS Beemans and Clove flavored chewing gum!  Yay!  Old fashioned candy reminds me of my lovely country childhood!  Thank you so much for such a wonderful Mug Swap Miss Lindsay!  You’re a rock star!
I'm a chewing gum, coffee drinking gal! 
**The gum smells amazing!  I make everyone who walks by my desk smell it.**
Much love.


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