Monday, August 27, 2012

Bucket List...

Last week's bucket list was an epic fail, so I am going to continue to work on them.  I did get a bunch of photo taking in this weekend which was nice, but I really want to do a sunset swim and photo shoot sometime this week.  I am thinking Wednesday is the day.  The weather has been crazy here though, so I don't know if it's going to work out or not. 
Embrace Photography...again
I modeled for a high fashion scarecrow photo shoot for a friend this weekend.  That screams creativity which was last weeks theme!
Make Baby Headbands...never even did this, but have to.

Decorate for Fall…just a little.
My little sister and I got our nails done and I chose a lovely fall color!  Does that count?!
I will blog this evening about my lovely weekend or modeling, getting a manicure, visiting with my gramma, spending quality best friend time (no pictures) in Philly and enjoying the outdoors in good old PA.  Oh and coming home to my VA bestie being HOME!!  Yay! 

Much love.


  1. LOL you are silly! Yes, that fall color on your nails counts ;)

  2. Saw the nails date! Looked like fun!


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